why I read your blog

Was just chattin' with jane and encouraging her to start blogging. She was reading my blog and asking which ones I like to read and why. And I thought to myself, good question. Well I like to read all the ones I link to on my site...but why? I think I have various reasons:

1. makes me laugh (densetsu the clear winner in this category) - people who just blog like they're talking and keep the tone casual tend to crack me up
2. interesting blog topics - sometimes mundane things, sometimes exciting, but interesting to me nonetheless
3. similar interests, lifestyles etc. - I like to read blogs belonging to people around my age, typically other ABC/CBCs. Kind of like seeing what other folks are up to and what their thoughts are about things
4. I actually know the blogger in person and it's a means of keeping up with what's going on in their lives, strangely though, this is rare
5. well written - content is key but people who have a way with words really draw me in

I also realized characteristics of blogs I don't like to read:

1. talk about God - I have issues with people who have to constantly make mention of God in their conversations/blogs
2. deal too much with politics or really serious issues - I read for pleasure, for fun, not for my education or to be swayed to think a certain way on hot topics
3. talk a lot about things that I try not to think about, namely babies - having them, caring for them, the cute things they do etc. this is a symptom of my clock ticking and my desire to plug my ears and not hear it because I have way too much other shit to deal with first
4. poorly written - Not really into the blogs that are all about inside jokes, sloppy writing, slang and cryptic abbreviations and symbols but this is more typical of the younger bloggers anyways, generation gap there...
5. poorly designed - Some people have their entries really strangely organized or use font/background combos that my hideous eyesight can't deal with

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