I got abandoned at home again because I didn't feel like drinking, or going out to some crowded place with nowhere to sit so I could be sober and watch other people drink. I was hoping to make it a poker night at home or a quiet evening at Stinger Lounge nearby (where it's not packed and has much seating) but I guess no one else was in agreement.

Unless the music is great, I don't see the point in circling for parking, walking for blocks and cramming myself into some crowded sweaty bar, so we can pay more to drink and line up for the bathroom constantly. If the reason to go out is to see friends rather than just hear good music, why not gather at someone's home?

So here I am by myself, thinking maybe I can work a little on my paper but the God-fearing windchime owners next door have decided to have a freakin' karaoke party. Wonderful.

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