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After seeing some people fishing a couple days ago in Foster City, we decided to pack up and give it a try ourselves. Some other guy had posted something online before about a secret spot in FC close to a running trail (there are running trails all over the place) for fishing. We were there for a long time and netted some minnows and saw some fish but didn't catch anything for a long while. A cop showed up at 11pm. Super super nice guy. He told us he wasn't the game warden but you're supposed to have a license, special one for stripers. But he said he didn't want us to stop on his account, in fact he was just watching because he was jealous he couldn't join us. Gotta love FC cops. I guess he was just looking for some action because there isn't much to do here but cite traffic violations and look for lost old people. Anyways, we all went home at 11:30pm. Little disappointed. But J got this itch and went back. 1/2 hour later he called us to tell us he finally caught one. Here's the pics. I don't think they're really safe to eat though. There was all this frothy crap in the water.

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"34-36 inches long and probably weighs about 20 pounds" (I don't think that sounds right, 36" is 3 feet man, but hey it's a fishing story)
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