I cannot believe that the DC sniper suspect is representing himself in a capital case. The guy has a marine background but is no lawyer. And... he is cross examining victims who survived. How can that be right?


OK too much web surfing lately. First the TravelMate women's urination-on-the-go contraption, then costumes for your cell phone, now this.
Fake perky nipples? Why not just wear a thin shirt and turn on the a/c? If you're going to go for the "flirty" (as they call it, trashy as I call it) look, you might as well go au natural.
I was surfing around getting Halloween costume ideas. Would you believe they are making costumes for your cell phone??


OK so i got this off a comment from Ben's blog but have to re-post it. For women who were jealous of men's ability to do roadside/fishing dock/back lane peeing here's the solution . Pretty clever actually... but the version that comes with a tube and pouch to collect your pee in looks like a reverse Camel Back. EEEW.


I am so very excited. I have signed up for a Fiction Writing class at the Kearny Street Workshop, an organization that supports Asian Americans in the arts. Could this be my first step in writing and publishing my first book?? here's the course description: Students will read and discuss short stories and novel excerpts from marginalized and mainstream writers using speculative elements, as well as analytical texts. At the end of the course each student will turn in the first draft of a longer writing project for the class. The teacher is doing her MFA and is the editor of hyphen magazine. Can't wait to start.
Why is it the good ones suffer most and the bad suffer least? My hamster from hell, named Furry, short for Furious was a mean little sh*t. He would not only bite you when you went anywhere near him, he would bite and not let go til you shook him off violently. You would be guaranteed to lose some blood after the ordeal. I never even picked him at the pet store, he was my freebie after I brought in a sweet little grey hamster, Smokey, who died within a couple weeks of my purchase. You technically get an "exchange" when your pet croaks within a given time. Lucky for me Furry was the loser hamster that no one else would take... the last one in the tank. He was simply untamable. This morning he died a sudden and painless death, as though he just fell over mid-step. While my sweet hamsters suffered with diabetes for weeks, wretched and squeaked until finally coming to a painful end with one last gasp for air. How unfair is that?


It's so ironic to see people promoting Friendster's free competitor, myspace.com, on Friendster. My Space looks so much like Friendster, it almost seems insulting (well if I were the founder of Friendster). Only difference is that the My Space founder seems a little more kick back judging from his funny profile and the fact that he makes himself a friend of everyone who joins.


So I found out yesterday that SJSU "closed my case" because they didnt "receive" my transcript. (ie they lost it) This is just one of many administrative f*ck ups I've had to deal with in applying to this school. Now I have to trek my ass down there in person to hand in the extra transcript than I'm lucky I purchased ahead of time. God I hope I get into SF state instead. SJ can't even get the info on their web site consistent. GRE changed their scoring system a year ago and they still havent restated their minimum scores. Web sites are supposed to be "living" documents but I guess not for them. ARG. I also had a 2.5 month delay in getting my finance records cuz the rep at Bank of America online didnt communicate it to the envelope stuffing people in the other dept (twice this happened). If I only got a dollar for every administrative hassle I endure in my life. Why am I so riddled with bad luck?


Free cable (extended) which means 24 hours of HGTV. This almost makes up for the ugly brown baseboards and linoleum. I think I've already learned how to replace countertops with granite, create faux fireplaces for the bathroom and rip out old tile.


Moving has kept me busy non-stop for almost a month. Weeks of packing, two hellish days of actual moving, then unpacking combined with houseguest, carpet cleaning, more unpacking and now decorating. I don't think I ever want to do this again, ever. I guess the fun part now is the decorating. Watching 2 hours of Christopher Lowell and two hours of Surprise by Design each day has inspired me (and showed me how tacky it looks to sponge weird stenciled designs on your wall)