this link is already on ben's blog, but just had to post it cuz it was so dull, as its title suggests, that it totally cracked me up. -> dullest blog


new Paul Frank character...soooo cute. It's

Mr. Spicolli (first name Todd) is a young hamster
who feels at home in his hamster ball. Spicolli
left his habit trail when he was young in fear
of being eaten by his parents. Since then he
has learned many things out in this big world
of ours, like how to play spoons, or build a
bomb shelter.
Simon and I met the weirdest guys on Saturday night. We parked a couple blocks up from Butter and Paradise Lounge. When we got out of the car there were two young white guys standing by my car drinking a huge bottle of whiskey. They seemed harmless but I did look back while we were walking away to see if they were breaking into my car. Anyways, we headed out to Butter for the evening, had a great time and all that. At closing time we were headed back up 11th to the car when these two guys stopped us to ask for a light. Then one of them goes, "hey you guys were the ones who parked outside of our place. feel free to park there anytime! what's your name? we're Canadian!". Turns out these two kids, who were still sucking on that huge whiskey bottle, are from Hamilton, ON and were planning to move to Minnesota to start a farm. (to grow what I don't know). They ended up here in SF, one is a web developer, the other a school teacher. Both have dual citizenship and seem to enjoy spending their evenings walking around SoMa getting hammered and serenading people with their guitar. One of them, the school teacher, was a spitting image of Garth from Wayne's world. Ya gotta love meeting people in SF.
I have just developed a new, terribly time-consuming online habit. One that I will never be able to break even with therapy and medication. Surfing the free stuff section on Craigslist.


I just realized that moving means no Internet Connection til the Comcast cable guys come set it up at our new place. Crap. I don't know how to do anything without the Internet. I am so dependent I would rather type than speak. People who responded to my free printer ad in Craigslist with a "please call me at... to let me know when I can get your free printer" got no loving from me. If I'm giving shit away free, don't make me do anything more than email you back. I'm way too lazy to actually pick up a phone and call you!


How safe are safety seals on consumer packaged goods, really? I can open up my contact lense solution and finish the whole damn bottle without ever breaking the safety seal. Someone could've dipped the tip of the bottle in rat poison and I wouldn't know until I went blind! On the other end of the spectrum, what is up with the packaging on cold medicine. The Safeway store brand night time cold capsules require you to rip apart this plastic packaging that can hardly be torn apart with the jaws of life. A cruel joke for someone who is congested, sick and weak. I can hear the product marketing person at that drug company laughing now. It must be fun to work on consumer packaged goods.


So Davis says anyone running for governor should at least be able to pronounce 'California', in reference to Arnie's Austrian accent. He didn't even apologize for this officially, just passed it off as "I was joking." But beneath the "joke" is nothing short of racist remark. I'm in awe that the media didn't make a bigger fuss of all this. A good chunk of California's population is not US-born and have accents and are eligible to vote. I didn't think much of Davis before. Just seemed to be a lazy, complacent old man lacking severely in the personality department. Not a stellar governor by any means, but then again, perhaps not worth the efforts required to launch an overthrow. But after that remark, I can't wait to see him go down for the count.


Reality TV typically makes people look really evil. That or really stupid. Or maybe people who decide to line up for hours to audition to get on these things just are stupid. But the finale of For Love or Money had some crazy twist. I'm not going to explain all the twists and turns here but, in sum, the girl chose Chad and Chad chose her over the money. Ie He chose love. But unbeknownst to him, that meant she won $2M and could do what she wanted with it. She really did fall for the guy (and not the dork, now unemployed, lawyer from the first half of the season) so she said she would split the money with him. Sounds like a perfect ending and wow, that sure made Chad seem like the perfect guy. What confused me is... $2M divided by two = $1M. But the cheque she wrote him only said $500K. That ain't half!
I've only lived here a year but I'm finding things (mostly Simon's) that I had no idea we owned. I thought I was a pack rat but obviously not as bad as certain other people. Do we really need a 5 year old pager, shoe polishing machine, ab machine that practically dislocates my knee caps or a broken printer? arg.


Shopping for movers is a scary thing. The more I ask around the more horror stories I hear of. e.g. movers who break everything, charge an hour's time to clean their truck or move one drawer at a time. I'm not sure what's worse -- that or having Chinese movers who can't speak English or read the word fragile but work hard and don't pull bullshit like extra fees for stairs or have rules like the customer isn't allowed to help with the boxes. Thank God for Rip Off Report .