I'm running out of it. And I have a lot of writing to do to finish my dissertation by April 15th. Or it might become one of those projects that never gets done. Like cleaning out your desk drawer, or framing photos.


This template is way too fucking cheery. And since this blog is a receptacle for my hostile and/or socially unacceptable thoughts and musings, the template's gonna have to change. But I don't have time right now. Maybe on the weekend, which is full of events that I am obliged to go to, um, so I'm gonna be drunk every night or I'm gonna demonstrate incredible discipline by coming home early to work on my diss, not likely. My diss is full of ridiculous run-on sentences like that one and I'm having to fix them before I finish the conclusion and send this fucker out. 5 more months of this


Got sick of the way my blog looked. I think I designed that thing 6 years ago. So yeah, I changed it up in case any one gives a shit since I update nearly never.

I vow to try harder to document my neuroses here on this blog.