my friend sushiflake

I have a friend a few years older than I, who is sometimes affectionately known by his close friends as Sushiflake, a play on his screen name which reflects his occasional flakiness and lack of committment.  I tend to look to my friends, most of whom are a few years ahead of me, for guidance, advice and leadership by example even if they don't realize it. Sushiflake has a few philosophies he has developed to guide him through life that I will outline here. Unfortunately I'm not sure how readily they apply to my life.
  1. If you're working for someone else, never give it your all. In fact, work as little as you can without getting fired - Unfortunately, I'm no seasoned engineer who does stuff management can't comprehend so if I were to have done that in my previous jobs, my laziness would have quickly been detected. People generally know how long it takes to write a messaging doc or brochure. But for him, this has worked out the last few years. See Squirl's blog for details. The problem with this also is that you lose passion for what you do if your main goal is to just not get ripped off. Sushiflake, you need to work for yourself!
  2. Light beer is tasty and worth the savings in calories - I used to be very calorie conscious but, damn, Bud and Amstel Light don't taste very good. I don't know how you do it. I gotta have my Fat Tire, Chimay, Vanilla Beer etc. If you're gonna drink, drink well.
  3. Avoid committment like the plague - Luckily you're male. Men can avoid all sorts of committment for a long time and not be seen as odd. Sometimes you gotta just take a chance before you miss the boat altogether.
  4. Being one of those guys on the airport tarmack who gets to wear a fluorescent vest and drive around in the little truck would be the best job ever -  I'd still rather be a gogo dancer :)

Check out Squirl, Eva, Hougee, Geeksploitation and Concept's blogs throughout the day to learn more about our good friend Sushiflake.

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