Winterizing II

  • get lots of failblog and CuteOverload
  • aromatherapy
  • fish oils
  • homeopathic anything I can get my hands on
  • massage therapy
  • Korean spa or other source of steam, sauna, heat
  • get acquainted with my space heater and woolly slippers



I dread winters in the northwest. It doesn't matter that I grew up here, I've never dealt well with it, not since I was in my teens or so when you actually notice things like weather. But since there's nothing I can do about this, I decided to make a plan to prepare for winter. I know it's coming so if I have a plan maybe I will get through it better, with less laying in bed, sleeping in, napping all day, hating my life, complaining, sulking, eating carbs, getting fat, etc etc. So here it is. Here is my plan winterize list. See? Who says I can't be an optimist? :
  • take vitamin D supplements like a mofo
  • use SAD lamp religiously
  • sign up (pre pay) for evening activities like yoga and dance
  • buy cute winter clothes and many pairs of lovely weather proof boots (I rarely shop so this would be a huge treat, I don't care that it is a shallow and consumerist way to deal with my issues, we're talking about my mental health here)
  • also buy lots of cute and technical outdoor workout clothes and work out gadgets so that I'll want to run in the rain (I hope)
  • sign up for a run so I have something to train for
  • not let myself stock up on carbs (which make me fat and slow which makes me hate my life)
  • make lots of soup, I love soup and I make yummy soup
  • try to get up earlier to get more light (this is a hard one, obviously)
So I've started on the supplements, lamp, and of course shopping online to see what's out there. What else to put on the list?