weekend and Harold & Kumar

Saturday was my only real going out night (and day). Headed down the street for a Toastmasters summer party where we ate, played pool, played with the host's toddlers and had a good game of Guesstures, which is pretty much charades. Her kids wore me out so bad I had to come home and nap before we headed to KT's housewarming which was nice. Just a small crowd of cool folks and it was close enough to walk which is refreshing after a few too many Crown shots. It's interesting how the nature of our get togethers is evolving. Most of her guests came during the daytime party for the guests with young children. By the time we got there at 10:30 pm there were only about 10 party goers left. Most had already scooped up their kids and gone home. It was nice to get together with friends at someone's house though. Cozy. Sunday was laundry and paper writing day.


Below are parts of an email distributed by Kal Penn (aka Kalpen Modi) and John Cho re: their new movie Harold & Kumar. (GO SEE IT, it got 2 thumbs up)

This film marks the first time a major studio is releasing a project with two Asian American males as the leads.

We don't have stereotypical accents, we don't passively tread through the story, we're not asexual or hypersexual, there are no martial arts scenes, one-dimensional cab driver segments.

By buying a ticket to "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle", you aren't just gonna get to see a really funny movie with two dudes who look like you. Nope. You're also going to be saying to media outlets, "I support accurate representation of Asian Americans and would like to see more." You have the power to change things simply by buying a ticket to a film that we believe you'll have fun watching anyway!
Please go to the theaters on the weekend of July 30th, and watch "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle".

This is a landmark opportunity for the Asian American community, and we are proud to be the faces involved.

With your support and the success of this film, we hope that it's only the beginning of many more Asian Americans on screen...
Enjoy the movie,

Kal Penn and John Cho
"Kumar"  and  "Harold"

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