to my previous "why I read your blog post". Densetsu, no pressure to be funny because I don't think you really have to try that hard. Whether you know it or not, I think you were born with razor sharp wit. Amabelley, Bush bashing doesn't count as "too political" in my list of criteria. Partly because it also falls under "makes me laugh" and because it's not exactly a hotly contested debate that the man is a total fucking idiot. Oh, while we're on the topic, there was a joke on VH1 about what it would be like if Bush and Jessica Simpson sat down and had a serious conversation. A bunch of people did their little imitations but I didn't catch what they said because I was still laughing at the hilarity of the whole idea. So, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, I was clarifying the "too political/too serious statement". By that I meant topics like whether capital punishment is morally wrong, at what point a fetus becomes a baby and other very important but hard to digest (when looking for fun stuff to read) type topics.

Internet was down today, man did I ever get a lot done.

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