Once upon a time I had more than an ounce of artistic ability. Now I'd be lucky to draw a recognizable cartoon figure. What the hell happened? Now I have to debate whether or not to pay someone to develop a web site for my dad's little entrepreneurial venture, whereas ten years ago I would have taken up the challenge with the energy and determination of a kindergartener about to tackle a jungle gym. Ah shit.


Procrastination is sure a funny thing. All day I long to crawl into bed, yet as night falls and midnight nears, I develop an attachment to this stupid box that I already spend 10 hours staring at each day. My eyelids get heavy, my body is exhausted and still I cannot force myself to make my way to the bed I so longed for just 3 hours ago. There's really no importance to this post. I'm just procrastinating because I have a lot of work to do before bed but would rather sit here and write about nothing.
Fellow Canucks fans, we lost 3-0 to (I am still in shock) the Sharks. I've never watched my home team win a game and this time I thought it was a slam dunk. People say it's vain to think that your presence as an individual has an affect on the fate of anyone, but call me vain. I think it must be my fault they lost. I've never watched so little hockey due to my lack of satellite cable and look how well the Canucks have done this season. I must be to blame. Sorry guys!


Wow my first post. I wish I were diligent enough to do the ftp to homepage thing since I actually pay for a homepage I don't use except to post my now outdated resume. oh well.