cleaning update

So I found the spray canister with straw which I used to blow all the dust bunnies out of my keyboard but my main concern was scrubbing the base and *sides* if the keys. Yes, you're probably wondering how they got dirty. Well for a while my keyboard was used by all sorts of strangers who used my computer as the visitor computer when it was left at E and S's loft while I was "homeless". That plus four moves to different apartments and it has collected all sorts of sludge from all over the Bay Area. I didn't think a Qtip would be abrasive enough to scrub off all the human scum so I used a paper towel sprayed with all purpose cleaner and scrubbed the shit out of every single key. I'm happier now. Other cleaning tips:

- keep a roll of paper towel and spray under every sink for quick counter and mirror clean ups
- Swiffer wet for quick kitchen and bathroom floor cleanups between major moppings
- wrap the butt end of a pen with thick paper towel sprayed with cleaner to get into the vents in your car
- Armor All gets excess wax off the black molding on your car
- keep nick nacks and stuff like perfume and misc bottles of stuff in a nice basket so you can pick it all up at once to clean the surface underneath it
- vaccuums work well on hardwood and linoleum floors too

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