sugar, make my soul complete

rapture tastes so sweet. Heard that song before? I saw it performed live by the group IIO last weekend along with their hit "the end" at 1015. It was pretty awesome, despite the fact that they're two hit wonders. The other (very small handful of) songs they performed all sounded alike and they only had enough material to perform for about 15-20 minutes. DJ Dimitris was awesome though. The guy looks like he's having the time of his life everytime I see him DJ. Check out the pics on his site. BTW, 1015 is not the scummy, Asian gang infested tweaker club that some people seem to think. So the "renovations" weren't that spectacular but the crowd and vibe is pretty sweet. I gauge the crowd on the bump test. I'm small and people tend to run into/trample me whether purposely or accidentally. When I get a lot of "oh I'm so sorries" from people running into me, I consider it a good night and it makes me really happy especially if they ran into me because they're dancing madly. I collected a LOT of apologies that night. The second I set foot in a place that is booming hip hop (ugh), I practically get knocked on my ass every 5 minutes and no one says a word. That's when I get mouthy and risk getting pummeled. Hence, I avoid places like that at all costs.

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