I was, for some reason, exhausted Friday night so I didn't really feel up for the mission district bar hop that the guys went on. Decided to chill at home thinking stupidly that my other half would stay home with me, but instead he gobbled up the dinner I made and abandoned me. Whatever. Stayed in and watched
Rebels of the Neon God (directed by Ming-liang Tsai) which I borrowed from the library. It was twisted, gritty and emotional. Loved it. Can't wait to see his other films.

Saturday, we took Jaffe out dancin' at Ruby Skye where there were all sorts of cool performances going on. These female trapeze artists and two guys doing some serious cirque style balancing acts atop each others bodies e.g. one guy was standing on top of the other guy's head at one point. I expected a couple of bad gogo dancers swinging around on the trapeze but, no, there was some serious talent going on there.

Yesterday was all about cleaning. Washing and waxin' the cars, dusting, vaccuuming, scrubbing grout and tiles, mopping, cleaning hamster cages. All very therapeutic. Oh yeah, Fatty, my eldest hamster, didn't wake up yesterday. :( So now I only have 3 hamsters.

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