Today I helped Simon post a job to kitlist for Televigation. On the email I noted specifically "Please do not contact me about this position. I'm just helping to post it. Send all cover letters (required), resumes and inquiries to hr@televigation.com." Pretty simple directions right? It's a tough job market, you'd assume people would take special care in applying to the few jobs available out there. Well, never assume anything. A couple hours after the post went live I got this email

"Gretings Vanesa,
I have attached my resume in Word Doc.
Please feel fre to call me shoud you have any
questions- Thanks ..."

OK first of all, I said not to contact me. Second of all, even if you are too idiotic to follow simple instructions and do assume that I'm the HR contact, you could at least spell my name correctly. Finally, if you still haven't learned how to spell the words "greetings", "free", or "should", I'm not sure how they let you graduate from high school, and you probably have no business taking a director level position in any department of any company.


Test blog to fix my damn lost archives.
The Matrix Reloaded should be renamed The Matrix (so horrible, I'd rather stay home alone and get loaded). The ideas behind the original Matrix were innovative, the plot was complex and suspenseful, and the dialog pulled you in and left you hanging on their every word. There was nothing innovative about Reloaded other than the special effects, which were admittedly very impressive. The producers must've known that too because every fight sequence went on far far too long. It started to feel like I was watching someone play a video game. I expected the concepts of parallel dimensions and time travel, which made the original Matrix so interesting, to be taken to a new level of sophistication. Instead, the characters rambled cheesy high-tech nonsense throughout the movie to force the impression that there was a whole lot of depth to the plot. There wasn't. There was nothing original about this movie. They even borrowed ideas from Superman and, for the love of God, Scooby Doo!? Pay attention to what happens as they race through the mansion and into the library with the French dude's wife. People were laughing out loud in the theatre at many points in the movie. You can pretty much use that as a "cheese-meter" for a movie that is not meant to be a comedy. And, for crying out loud, the producers need to remember to keep Keanu's dialog to a minimum. The man cannot act and anyone who's seen A Walk in the Clouds would know that. The old Chinese man who played the key maker delivered his character with greater depth. The scene on the park bench with Neo consulting the oracle was nothing short of torturous to watch. And the "ending", if you could call it that, was an obvious ploy to sucker Matrix fans into seeing part 3 this Fall. I will not be one of those suckers.


Ok so I bought my first California Lotto ticket couple weeks ago. And I got one number right but that didn't win me anything but a yellow scrap of paper. And so my job hunt continues. I'm averaging 1-2 interviews per week consistently so it's feeling good so far. It's only been 21 days since I officially entered this non-voluntary "transition period" or "adventure" as my former co-worker calls it. But 21 days too long if you ask me. If I don't get something soon I'm going be on the board of every non-profit organization in the Bay Area just to keep myself occupied.


Wow daytime television for those over the age of 5 has gotten really lame. Who is this blond bimbo on Regis' show? There's dalmations out there smarter than her. But Rosie's replacement, Caroline Rhea, is equally pitiful. Why are people that dumb allowed to speak on television, much less have their own show? Thankfully I'm finding things to do during the day so I don't have to torture myself with Regis & blond bimbo, court shows for trailer trash and infomercials for tape to "eliminate wrinkles and neck sag". Apparently you use this stuff (called Bring it Up) to pull your crow's feet taute by yanking your eyebrows right up to your hairline so that you look permanently surprised. I have to say that's the funniest product I've seen since spray-on hair. Alright, time to head out for a run before I find myself having to purchase those fitness videos by the buff dude with bad '80s hair.


My first day of real unemployment. i.e. home by myself rather than entertaining bf's family who stayed at our little apartment for 2 weeks. I wish my parents were as cool or that I had a sibling to share attention with...but I sure don't miss coming home at 3 in the morning and trying to get in without waking anyone. What a bitch that used to be. I'm not sure how anyone my age can still be living with their parents.

Anyways, trying desperately to create goals for myself and schedule my day with productive shit so I don't start getting up at noon and watching Dr. Phil and then surfing the web all day while eating ice cream out of a bucket. The first layoff was good training ground for my second. I'd better make good use of my time this go round. Or better yet, find a job sooner. Everything I read points out that the economy has not gotten better. Not sure what my alternative is unfortunately. School sure isn't free and what I want to study won't make me rich...just happy. I think. Ditched the MBA idea because it won't add to my income level that much, puts me in the hole $50k+ plus living expenses and I think I've abandoned the idea that it'll be great to join in all the political fun (if I can ever manage to break through the glass ceiling) at the VP ranks.

Alright past bedtime...off to bed.