I have an uncontrollable obsessive need to clean things. It's cathartic. (And dirt generally freaks me out). But there's some things I can't figure out how to clean. My keyboard is one of them. I've tried to shake and vaccuum the crap that falls between the keys, but what about the base part and the keys themselves, especially the sides of the keys. How do you safely scrub them without breaking the thing or dripping cleaner? I don't think Heloise included a tip for that in her big book of hints.

I think once I get my keyboard clean and my desk and monitor wiped down, I'll be able to get to work on my research paper. Yeah, that's the ticket.

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jenn said...

come live a week in my apartment and your dirty keyboard won't seem so bad...

how the hell do you get bike grease out of your carpet?
we've tried everything and nothing's worked. So now we have a shower curtain covering half our living room.