lesson learned at Toastmasters

It was Toastmasters night tonight. One of the members gave a speech that started out with a story that is definitely worth sharing. She has a friend who is in his 30s who works on her house sometimes. She called him one day and he didnt return the call. Eventually she found out he was in the hospital. He had had an aneurysm that induced a stroke.

Let's go back here. The man is in his 30s, he's a carpenter (read: active lifestyle) and very fit. Now his mother has to drive him around since walking is about the best he can do, he can't work and he's now in the hole over $200K in medical bills because he didn't have health insurance. He won't be able to work for at least another 18 months so he's essentially disabled but also had no disability insurance. He has a child and a wife with whom he had separated prior to the stroke. Luckily they are working out their relationship now but this is one bad situation. He will probably have to declare bankruptcy and start over, physically, emotionally and financially.

Lessons learned? One, even if you can barely afford it and havent seen a doctor since you had chicken pox in grade 1, get health insurance. You really can't afford not to. It actually amazes me how I escape death each day. Two, live each day as if it were your last. Ok that's super cliche and most people would go overboard if they followed that to a tee but you get my point. Don't bitch about dumb shit might be a better way to put it (for me at least). Three, if you have dependents get life insurance. You wouldn't wanna leave them SOL just because fate dealt you a blow.

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