spinning room

I spent much of S's 29th bday bash in the ladies room at 111 Minna with friends, one of whom was in the process of losing her dinner, several times over. Elena and I had a very good debate going. She claims that if the room is spinning, you will need to puke. When the room stops spinning, that is a signal that you are done puking.  I argued, however, that even when one is done puking, the room could still spin without signalling the need to puke again. We tried to use C to test the theory. Everytime she hurled, we asked if the room had stopped spinning. She said no. (point for me). Then she puked again (point for Elena). We repeated this many times over (point for me, point for her). By the end of the night she felt she had emptied her stomach but was still spinning (point for me again). But I think she lost it at the Dumbarton exit (point for Elena). BUT no one was there to ask if the room was still spinning. So the debate rages on. :)

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