OK so all these other bloggers took this test thinking they had ADD and came to realize they didn't. I took it for fun and the stupid thing tells me I might have Adult ADD. Dammit, I wasn't even questioning the possibility. Now of course it's not a definitive answer and one would need a battery of other tests for a true diagnosis but I'm kinda in shock here. There are a few things that definitely tipped the scales but, shit, I didn't think I'd get a result like that. Scale tippers:

- impatient and low frustration tolerance
- chronically late or chronically in a hurry (it used to be the former, now it's mostly the latter)
- trouble sitting still
- restlessness
- easily bored
- negativity
- sense of impending doom
- tendency to worry needlessly and endlessly
- startles easily (I will turn around and slug you one if you touch me while in a crowded place or while I'm swimming)

I thought I'd pull up my score with the fact that I always did well in school/work and didn't wet the bed (what a weird symptom). Oh well. I guess that means I just have another disorder to add to the list of those I suspect I might suffer.

Y'know what would've been funny is if they had a big red panic button to press every five questions that said "I'm bored of this fucking test, get me out of here" which would invariably link them to the "you have ADD for sure" diagnosis page.


I wonder if there is a name for a condition characterized by getting so thoroughly engrossed in an activity that one neglects food, sleep and water. But exhibits the attention span of a gnat when it comes to activities one finds boring. Kinda like a bi-polar disorder as it relates to attention span, rather than mood.

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