Bush's Banzai

Some of you may know that I, along with many others, campaigned to get Banzai off Fox and then, more recently, off Comedy Central. The show was riddled with archaic stereotypes of Japanese people, but easily apply to other Asians as well since many Americans have a tough time differentiating anyways. We had the crazy screaming geeky old man doing martial arts and bad accents galore. It was a parody gone very very wrong. So when this arrived in my inbox from Asian Media Watch this morning, well shit, I'm speechless again. At least we can always rely on Bush to constantly shoot himself in the foot, when not occupied with putting his foot in his mouth.

Bush-Cheney '04 mixes psuedo-Asian themes with
political spin ad

What do a skewed Japanese anime cartoon character,
Banzai-like graphics, Asian gong , and presidential
candidate Senator John Kerry have in common?? They
are all plastered together in a scene from the newest
political ad entitled "Yakuza" from the Bush-Cheney
'04 presidential campaign.

Special to Asian Media Watch - Patrick Drazen, an
expert on Japanese popular culture and anime, and
author of the book "Anime Explosion: The What? Why?
and Wow! of Japanese Animation" writes in and

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