weird day

I had nothing to do today. Well not nothing, I have a long list of chores and errands that have been on hold all semester but I didn't really have any appointments other than a little meeting in the evening with the future president of my Toastmasters club. Having nothing scheduled really makes the minutes and hours slip through my fingers. I wrote a long letter challenging the decision to deny tenure to a prof at my school, typed up some class notes, did some Toastmasters stuff, exchanged some emails with a potential landlord in Seattle (fingers crossed) and next thing I knew it was 4pm. And when that happens I screw up my entire meal schedule. I had two soft boiled eggs for breakfast at 10.30am, a bowl of dumplings at 4pm, some Cadbury's chocolate, and a bowl of gai lan (Chinese broccoli) and a mug of hot Ovaltine for dinner at 10pm. Normally I eat a hell of a lot more than that but I just sort of forgot. Good thing though since I also failed to get my fat ass to the gym. But still I hope I don't eat this way when I move out and eat alone. The routine of making dinner every night for Simon kinda keeps us on schedule and away from consuming crap for dinner. When no one's around, like this week for example, I will eat eggs for any meal. If not that then cheese, mac and cheese if I feel like boiling water. Sometimes having a routine is good.

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