Stick It

So I saw the trailer for the MTV movie "Stick It" which is supposed to be the gymnastics version of "Bring It On." I'm not normally drawn to stupid teen comedies like that but I'll watch anything that has to do with gymnastics. Turns out there's a whole whack of real gymnasts in the movie including Carly Patterson, Bart Connor, and Elfie Schlegel. I tried to dig up the stunt doubles for the gymnasts to see if I know any of them but they aren't credited on IMDB for some reason. There's also a Canadian connection here. The lead is played by Missy Peregrym who was born in Montreal, raised in Surrey, BC (snicker snicker) and now lives in Vancouver. She's also 5'7" which is entirely unrealistic for a gymnast. I hate when they do that in movies. Be real already and cast a 5' midget like me. Vanessa Lengies, the co-star, was born in Montreal. At least she fits the bill at 5'2". Anyways, I have yet to see the movie. I can't wait.


Ben said...

Interesting, I just read an article about how they used MySpace to beef up the marketing (mainly because Disney wasn't ponying up the cash to do a big splash for them). I didn't know about the Canadian connection for the film, though.

Really? Wow, I didn't realize that 5'6" qualified as "too tall"! Are all gymnasts really short? Any reason to it, besides I guess that it's physically easier to manoeuver a small body than a long lanky one?

JJ said...

That's right up there with Eva Langoria playing a former runway model.

Chapina said...

"Its not called gym"nice"tics!" I love it already...tell it gurl!
"Bring it on(did Bush watch this movie?)...oh its been broughten!"
Bring it on is only second to Showgirls. I love that movie! (in the way that comedians love it when politicians do stupid things...more to make fun of)

Robyn said...

i heard this movie sucks, but yeah i kind of want to see it anyway.

i didn't know you were a gymnast. (but now that you mention it, i can't say i'm totally surprised.)

Paul said...

What'd you think of the movie, if you've seen it by now? I saw it earlier this week. It was kind of the suck. And all the best parts were in the commercial for it. But still fun.