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So it's exam week in high school so I have a lightened tutoring schedule and haven't started my summer job at TeleNav yet so I've taken the opportunity to do some hardcore organizing, like the paper that has accumulated over the last 6 years. It took me a solid day to sift through my boxes of paper. I've also started posting to Seattle Craigslist in the housing wanted section in hopes that a landlord will look there first for super clean tenants before posting their unit for rent. So far I've gotten legit emails from a couple with a newborn wanting to rent a room in the SAME suite (that won't help me in my quest to average 9 hours of sleep per night), a 50-year-old bible-thumping Asian woman (I guess my cussing and explicit mention of no bible thumpers went over her head), and a woman managing real estate for another landlord who instantly tried to recruit me into this W0rld Leadership Gr0up scam (aka W0rld Financial Gr0up, W0rld Lending Gr0up etc etc). I'm not sure how people can still be duped into these stupid multi-level pyramid recruiting schemes. They take registration fees and force you to pay to go to stupid seminars and promise you will get rich if you can share the "benefit" with all your friends and family. I did a little bit of Googling and they have their agents or associates or whatever going to all the anti-scam sites to rebut all the explanations of how they are scammers. I'm not terribly surprised that most of the folks who get suckered fall for the "no experience required" bit because they have barely a high school education. Didn't you people learn your lesson from Amw@y in the 1980s?

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Egan said...

You're so right about those pyramid schemes. You would have to be a moron to fall for them ever. My wife worked at a place in the late 90's where they pitched it as a "dinner club" and they would "gift" people money. She left the company a few months later. Freaks.

Any luck on the housing front here in Seattle?