It seems I can't walk from the edge of my campus to my building without getting approached by a long line of people who want to:

- give me a Gideon's bible
- tell me about the Socialist Party or whatever their organization is
- get me to come to some student party to raise money for whatever
- vote for some student government thing even though I don't know the role of student government or the platforms of any of the candidates

I used to be sympathetic since the shittiest job I ever had was coercing people to sign up for a The Bay or Canadian Tire credit card and it carried a quota. But this was a job in a store where people expect these things to happen. The people above are doing what they do because they want to tell people about their cause. I wish they used less annoying ways to do it though. I have to say "no thanks" or "not interested" about 5 times everytime I'm coming to school or leaving it. I've made a game of dodging anyone holding a clipboard. It kinda just adds to my mental clutter to have to deal with them. I want to be able to walk uninterrupted and hear the birds sing and enjoy the view of the grassy quad in the sunshine.

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Robyn said...

In Michigan AKA the land of white folks, these people tend to ignore me. Even if it's cuz they think I don't speak English, I hve to say that I'm happy about it.