hold up

Three 13 and 14 year olds from Surrey (hehe) held up 7 banks in the greater Vancouver area. Some balls they got there. We thought shop lifting was a pretty big deal when we were that age. Thing is if I were a teller, I wouldn't want to take any chances but still it's not likely that they'd have a gun even if they are from Surrey. Guns are rather hard to come by up there (it's not Texas). I'm surprised they were able to get away with this many robberies before getting caught. I mean just seeing a group of boys that age at a bank is suspicious enough, you'd think they'd get caught on the second or even first attempt. Every time I go home to visit there are new tales of outrageous crimes, from drive bys to club shootings, hit and runs to home invasions. It makes me wonder if Vancouver's crime rate really is increasing or if it's just selective reporting and that mean world syndrome.

On an unrelated note, I am getting shit for sleep lately and it is driving me nuts. When we are blessed with beautiful weather I also get punished with allergies because apparently God, or whatever, hates me. I am starting to go through the medicine cabinet to grab fistfulls of any sort of pill sitting in a container with a label that says not to take it if I plan to operate heavy machinery. And I still cannot sleep. One night I decided to have a glass of port wine to knock myself out a bit but I'm allergic to most red wines including, as it turns out, the one I drank. The result was even more nasal congestion and some asthma. I sometimes think about doing a DIY tracheotomy just so I can breathe without keeping my mouth open all night.

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head dump said...

try a nasal wash, that might help clearn out your sinuses.