I don't know how many trees I've killed blowing my nose now. I don't even feel like going out tonight even though it's a long weekend and I'm sitting around here with nothing to do. Simon mentioned that he heard on John Tesh's radio show that humming a tune helps to clear the sinuses but it doesn't work when it feels like yours are filled with cement. And what the hell is he doing listening to John Tesh's stupid show anyway? The only thing that helped me sleep last night was laying in bed with a bottle of Miller High Life which I used to wash down 2 Benadryls after taking one more huff on the inhaler and rubbing my throat with Vicks Vaporub. I got up to brush my teeth after that and reflected on how fucked up it is to be drinking malt liquor in bed. I'm sure John Tesh would not approve.


head dump said...

steam room helps with congestion

Robyn said...

damn, i cannot even think of alcohol when i am sick. i get sinus infections too. i just had one but it was... wait actually maybe it was not a sinus infection this time. maybe it just bronchitis. or maybe it was both. anyways, do you have antibiotics? i am not really sure when you know you are supposed to get them but i'm pretty sure i can never get rid of my sinus infections without them.