I don't know why I'm filling this out but Dean and Sarah did. I'm going to be different and only do half of it because I'm lazy.

Finish the Sentence
I'm always: wondering what I should eat next
I love saying: my life sucks
I think flowers are: not permanent enough
My fav Beatles song is: Yesterday
My parents are: unaffectionate
I hate: bigots
I love: soft boiled eggs
I was born: a very long time ago
Sometimes I try too hard: to get things just perfect
I work well on things: when I don't have to work with a team of idiots
My childhood was: spent listening to ching chong taunts and ignorant questions about being Chinese
My school: has tiles missing from the ceiling and profs who make less than I did in the tech industry
I love to read books about: the experiences of Asian North Americans
I'm addicted to: being online
I drink too much: on the weekends when I'm not the driver
My earliest memory is: going to emergency after the window of our screen door slammed shut on my fingers
The last place I went on vacation was: Chicago
I think living far away from: sunshine, friends, and boyfriend is going to make me very depressed
I want to live closer to: Whistler
The President is: frighteningly dull
The Media: are what I research and analyze at school
Right now, I should be calling: Simon to see if he's lost money in Vegas
The glass is: too damn close to the edge of the table, move it to the center before it spills dammit
Kids can be: the devil's spawn
Kids were mean to me when they: poured something on the floor to watch me slip in the hallway my first week in junior high
Music companies are: too often the topic of undergrad papers I have to grade
I despise it when: ignorant people dismiss racism in the media by saying we can't take a joke
If I could go anywhere it would be: all over Europe, Asia, and Tahiti
I love to shop: in the bargain bin
Malls are a really fun place to: observe obnoxious teenagers making asses of themselves
I had fun when: I had a regular pay check that amounted to more than $400 and change

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