Oh yeah so I picked up my cap and gown today ($60 rental, what a fucking rip off. I think I need to start a cap and gown rental company). I was delighted to find that I did not get the smallest size robe. Nope. I got the 4'11" - 5'0" robe as the staff at the library laughed because I told them I was "five nothing." The smallest robe, however, is 4'7." Hell yeah, I didn't have to get the smallest one. However, I did discuss with my friend how shafted we get as professionals in America who are female, ethnic minority, and non U.S. citizen. Talk about triple glass ceiling. I reminded her that I get quadruple shafted for also being short. Who takes me seriously and sees me as an authority? Nobody!


Sandra said...

Wait until you get your PhD. My gown cost $800. Of course, I bought it since if you go into academia you own it.

Chapina said...

Ummm if you told me to do something I'd probably do it. But I might laugh at you also, in a respectful way.