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I just spent a bunch of time re-learning Photoshop. I wish I used it more often. Now I've downgraded to Photoshop Elements because I haven't the skills to use CS anyways. Check out the magic of the magnetic lasso tool (used to delete my background including some dude who looked like Napolean Dynamite eating chips behind me) and the Sumi-e filter. With all the blurring you wouldn't notice that I had a stupid infection on my right eyelid that whole weekend. It took great effort to try to open that eye extra wide so I wouldn't look like I'm winking in every photo.

I think if I were better at stuff like doing make up, I could've corrected for that, but I suck at that like I suck at doing my own hair. So before graduation, I got my hair done as a hair model during a class at L Salon. The owner and instructor did most of my haircut since my student designer was a bit new so effectively I scored a $110 haircut for $20. Too bad it looks like shit when you don't know how the hell to blowdry and style it yourself. How come other women know how to do these things and I don't?


JJ said...

Looks nice. And you look happy.

Robyn said...

haha. i don't know how to do that kind of shit to my hair either. but part of me thinks i could do it if i really tried. i kind of don't like my hair to look blow-dried and poofy.