So I was listening to my friend Till's band Lapin Meta (download their MP3s there). And unlike a lot of little bands, they're actually really awesome and quite unique. I especially like "I Think We All Should Disagree." It kinda got me thinking I sure wish I had developed some musical skills when I was younger. I mean I had one of the best music programs in my elementary school where we learned guitar in grades 6 and 7. Then in junior high we had to take band and I chose drums and flute. Unfortunately, I never really kept with it because band practice was too early in the morning and I quit and now I can't even remember how to read music aside from recognizing quarter and whole notes. I think what I really wanted to learn at the time was piano but it's expensive and I was tied up doing gymnastics. But hey, I guess it's never too late to learn something new. Easier to learn an instrument at age thirty than to pick up gymnastics right? Anyone wanna exchange music lessons for gymnastics coaching?

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