Napoleon and Bullet

Thanks to Cecil for sending me this link to learn the Napolean Dynamite dance. Now I have something to do over the summer :P

So update number 4 on the Magic Bullet. I returned our defective one to Target sans box. They took it and credited the Amex but didn't allow a straight exchange. Of course that makes no sense but I'm sure folks there don't get paid enough to figure out how to "over ride the system." The cashier wasn't exactly Chloe O'Brien. So whatever. This weekend we took the 20% off coupon for Bed, Bath and Beyond that comes in the mail every week and got another one for $48. I used it last night to whip up an egg and butter to make chocolate chip cookies. It was...okay. If the contents of the container aren't sitting right down on the blades, it doesn't do anything and you have to detach the container and shake it to settle your contents back on the blades. It's kind of annoying. The good thing though is that it's easy to clean and put away unlike the hand mixer I was about to use. I guess if you mix little bits of things or sauces really often it might work out for you if you can get past having to shake the stupid container every once in a while to settle the contents.

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d to the izzean said...

you haven't heard? summer grad is the new craze. and yes, irish pub in san mateo on a wednesday night. have you been? it was pretty fun.