my fun weekend

I had an action packed weekend including our department's year end party and impromptu karaoke after party on Friday night, a beach party at Great America all day Saturday, dinner at Korea House after that and on Sunday we did brunch, roller blading the Bay trail, and watching the hockey game at BJ's(no pics of that, sorry).

Oh yeah, Sharks fans, booing the Canadian anthem is neither classy nor cool. It's disrespectful. Shame on you. In fact, your two best players CheeChoo and Thornton, whom you love so much, are Canadian. You rejects were booing the top players of your own team. Oilers fans, you better take the high road. No booing!

Chul and Brent, a couple of our favourite profs at a karaoke in J Town after Bash. Yes that is a white man from the midwest singing Korean.

And out to Great America the next day

It was a beach party. That's Christopher Lawrence spinning back there, along with Donald Glaude and Mark Farina who played earlier that day.

And Korea House for dinner yummy

Check out this awesome egg sack we found in our seafood soup. Candice found it pretty tasty. This bad boy would be great on Fear Factor.


Mr. Syndromes said...

Hey, was that Melissa Burnell? If so, I went to highschool with her ;) Tell her I said hi if indeed that's her ;) I think I mentioned that before, but can't remember.

And when I first heard about the Sharks booing Canada, the first person I thought of was you hahaha :) Gotta love our idiotic american ways of showing "national pride" :P

Robyn said...

wow, your program seems fun.
about the canadian national anthem: my high school made its alma mater to that tune. uh... i can't remember it right now, but instead of "oh canada" it says, "mililani high." at the end it goes, "Mililani High, Our spirit lies with thee, we will forever praise thee. Hail! Hail! Hail!"

Van said...

Yes sir that's Melissa B. It's weird I never met you but we have two mutual acquaintances (her and Jim B.)

Robyn, you just reminded me I had an elementary school anthem. Now I'm trying to remember how it went. dammit.