my week off

Since my thesis is being read, my job this week was to grade student work (not hard) and lounge around and watch TV. Aside from everything on HGTV (other than the gardening and country style type shows) I've been hooked on Top Chef. Sadly my favourite Lee Anne Wong was cast off today. Guess they couldn't have an Asian woman win Project Runway AND its sister show Top Chef on Bravo. I truly thought she was the best. While Dave is my favourite personality on the show, he's probably the least experienced chef left. Because The Real Housewives of Orange County immediately follows Top Chef, I've gotten hooked on that too. There is something sickly addicting about watching a bunch of spoiled brats and their even more spoiled parents live their pathetic meaningless lives. It kind of makes me wonder if people who aren't born into money but become rich later in life will gradually turn into the shallow self-absorbed low lifes in this show. One of the women did come from more humble beginnings but she too was walkin' around with huge implants, bleach blond hair, and stupid ideas about what life problems are about. Even her mother was complaining about how she'd changed. After exhausting the good stuff on Tivo each day, I've been reading Cute, Quaint, Hungry, and Romantic: The Aesthetics of Consumerism. Great laugh out loud kinda read. Slightly pretentious use of language (learning those GRE vocab words a couple years back sure came in handy) but I'm finding that's what makes his writing so funny.

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Robyn said...

ooh, i'm slowly getting back into the TV too. i finished my papers and am now grading student papers--27 students, 5-7 p. ethnographies, reflections, journals, and a few revisions. But yeah, it beats the hard stuff.

I think I enjoy My Super Sweet Sixteen for the same reason you like that other rich people show.