or lack thereof. So I think I've mentioned that I have an early class on Wednesdays (8:30) and that knowing I have to get up at 6:45am puts me into this stupid panic that I'm not going to wake up in time for class. This panic makes me do weird things like check my alarm clock about a million times to make sure it is set correctly, to am and not pm, and that it is actually on alarm mode. So after that OCD induced ritual (I actually turn it off and back to alarm and then off and then alarm many times just to make sure it is definitely on alarm), I get into bed. Last night I looked over at my clock with the very large numbers for very nearsighted people like me and it was 3 am. I still couldn't sleep. Just knowing that I need to sleep early so I can surive 7 or 9 hours of lecture (alternating weeks) prevents me from falling asleep. I think it must've been close to 4 before I finally got to sleep and in the morning I hit snooze until 7:05am. So I spent first class (as usual) basically in a coma but with my eyes half open. And for some strange reason I'm not sleepy now. Why? Probably because there is adrenaline pumping through my body which, when it stops, will cause me to sleep for 15 hours or something like that. My friend Will can sleep about 6 hours and run a fucking marathon or triathlon. I can't even speak coherently without 8 hours MINIMUM and it is not likely I will ever get off my ass to run a marathon (even if I sleep 30 hours the night before).

In other news the demolition people have torn down half a block of businesses on Lake Shitty Way. Maybe this area will start to look less like a slum. As long as that doesn't drive up my rent, that's a good thing.

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Dude, I do the same EXACT thing. I check my alarm constantly even though I don't need it. I'll wake up an hour before my alarm and be wide awake because I'm so paranoid. Then I crap out in the middle of a 4 section teaching day or lecture or whatever. It sucks but you are not alone my friend.