The Motel

So I've been on this 2 week free trial with Blockbuster online so I can catch up on all the films that my students are writing response papers on. I've since moved on to the $5.99 deal -- 1 movie at a time, 3 movies a month which is plenty for me. Anyways, I've seen Saving Face (okay until the cheesy ending), Long Life, Happiness, and Prosperity (a little contrived, not my favorite), Eat Drink Man Woman (hmm okay, older film), The Matador (that was not for class but pretty funny), and The Motel. I have to say The Motel by Michael Kang is my favourite by a long shot of the Asian American films I've seen recently. It seriously blew me away. It was touching, real, gritty, and didn't attempt a tidy happy Hollywood movie ending (which was my beef with Saving Face, Red Doors, and, well, most other movies). I can't believe this was Jeffrey Chyau's first gig outside of a couple commercials! The acting was really stellar and I wish I could've been there at the premiere at Sundance a few years back. If you rent this, be sure to watch the extras.


The Motel Film said...

Thanks for the stellar review! It means a lot to me.

Van said...

holy cow, someone must be using "who links to me"! Uh, you're welcome! And I just watched the movie a second time in a row with my roomate!

James said...

What's not to love about Saving Face? Two hot lesbian asian chicks going at it in the movie? I only wish there were more movies like this. Oh yah, the other parts were good too.

Ok, now I need to go rent the motel to see what the fuss is about.