Kenneth Eng

I cannot believe my eyes. Kenneth "Asian Supremecist" Eng, you are a racist, an idiot, and an embarrassment to the the Asian American community. And Ted Fang of AsianWeek, are you out of your fucking mind? Like my colleague once wrote, you can't stuff the shit back into the horse. What in hell possessed you to publish that garbage?

Let's get something straight here. Often the media pit minorities against one another as a means of maintaining the invisibility of whiteness and white privilege. Cultural hegemony, perpetuating dominant ideologies serving the dominant class and and the naturalizing of inequalities to seem like common sense (per Gramsci bla bla bla). It's a distraction. Case in point: the construction of exaggerated Korean-Black animosity during the LA riots (see the film Saigu). But for AsianWeek to publish rubbish written by someone who is clearly (Asian and)racist will only drive divisions among people of color who need to be working together (not against one another) to extinguish deeply embedded racist ideologies, structural inequalities, and racial discrimination.

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James said...

I can't believe the editor of asianweek let that get published more than the idiot who wrote it. I never really read asianweek because I never got into it, but supported a asian newspaper. Now I'm not sure if I'll ever pick up a copy of it.