online PhD

When I am at home slaving away grading papers and trying write a paper that demonstrates my brilliance while also worrying about another 15 page paper, 2 presentations, teaching observation, and 2 versions of a teaching portfolio that I need to turn in, the last thing I want to see is a commercial about how easy it is to get an online Ph.D at Walden University. For example, they say "With a Ph.D. in Psychology, you’ll be better prepared as a researcher, educator and practitioner, helping individuals and groups with family, mental health, career and educational issues. " Come on...

I'm sorry, you're going to learn all this with nothing but an Internet connection from the comfort of your own home? Who are these faculty who "teach" online? Oh, I see, you have to call the 1 800 number or fill in their special form to "request information." That's not a whole lot different from that junk mail you used to get where you put the little sticker in the box with the "degree" you want and send it away for your free information pack on how to get your degree from home.

The thought of these bozos walking around with "Ph.Ds" earned "online" without taking GREs, spending months on applications, and enduring the physical relocation, heated academic debates, pain, politics, and sleepless nights that REAL PhDs go through infuriates me. They do not deserve that designation and having everyone walking around with a graduate degree dilutes the value of mine! If a school needs to advertise its graduate programs on TV, it's not a real school as far as I'm concerned.


Robyn said...

well, if they're junk then they're probably not accredited right? i think i could possibly imagine an actual good program online though, yo know online discussions and all that. i don't know... maybe.

Chapina said...

Yes pain is the whole point of graduate school.