God make it stop

Oh I forgot to mention, it happened again. For some reason when people approach me I always assume that they're about to ask directions so I put on a big smile and get ready to do my good deed of the day.

And then they say, "Hi I'm from the Apostle's Mission, and I..." and then smoke comes out of my ears, "NO THANKS" comes out of my mouth, I put up my hand to block their God-fearing face from my view and walk the other direction.

For fuck's sake. Seriously. Stop it with the church recruiting nonsense. Can't you worship without running around trying to get everyone else to join you? If you are going to go about your religion, "bless" your heart. Do whatever makes you happy. But if I'm going to burn in some fiery hell, that's my business. Don't try and rescue me or whatever.


Anonymous said...

...and then they say "but we love and care about you."

head dump said...

I didn't know God needed a solicitor.