Okay I thought McCormick and Scmicks had an awesome happy hour but tonight after yet another near break with reality due to too much work to do in too little time and really poor coping skills I decided I needed to get out and try to rescue my sanity. So happy hour it was. We went to Ivar's on Northlake and I had the cheapest raw oysters ever. $2.95 for a half dozen. I also got a crab quesadilla which was stuffed with huge chunks of real crab for $4.95. My heffie was $2.95. Check out this menu!!! Now I'm stuffed and over my grad school induced panic (for now). But my 4 page position paper which I haven't started unfortunately is still due Wednesday and I'm going to be observed while I teach (by two people no less) on Friday. I can't wait to get over this week. It is killing me (not at all softly).


Anonymous said...

when were you there?

I was actually at Ivar's at Northlake Friday night (around 9:30pm) for Happy Hour...


Van said...

just last night (Monday). I didnt go out all weekend. Had papers to write.

Robyn said...

the couple of times i've had my teaching observed they claimed they were not there to beat me down but to give helpful feedback. and after it was all over, i think i believe them.

i kind of think maybe it is actually more helpful for me to be observed once in awhile because they see positive things while i tend to focus on the negative.

but i know it's still argh.