Went up to Vancouver for a night to celebrate a friend's 30th and to try on a couple bridesmaid dresses. Somehow on the trip up (I hitched a ride with another friend) I finished grading papers and on the Sunday I finished an outline for a paper so all was not lost this weekend. We even had time to pop in a movie that I brought with me and hadn't watched. Floored By Love is yet another story about lesbian Asian women. This one was a made for TV movie that aired on CHUM City TV. But unlike Saving Face and Red Doors the acting was horrendous. It was so painful to watch I had to turn away more times than I could count. Part way through the 50 minute film, my friend Alex, without consulting the other four people in the room, got up and shut it off. Not a word of protest was uttered. Actually I think I heard a sigh of relief. Seriously, I wanted to like it. I really did -- It's Canadian, it features Asian Canadians, it deals with a complex topic...but seriously I think our grade 9 production of Peanuts was more riveting.

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Ben said...

Can you post your production of Peanuts? I was going to watch that lesbian movie, but I think I'd rather watch a more riveting presentation. :-)