I hate Valentine's day just as much as I hate Christmas and my own birthday. I just don't do well with these celebratory holidays in general (or in the case of birthdays, I'm just not into marking the passing of time). I guess I kinda like Thanksgiving because it's not focused on emotionality and sentimentality and spending money for no reason, and it's more about food, which I'm more than fine with (okay so I ignore the giving thanks part, whatever). Plus doesn't Valentine's just feel like a day of making single people feel like shit? Having a Valentine almost makes me feel guilty. Okay enough ranting. I had a shitty day, can you tell? I'm going to crack open a beer and finish grading papers.

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Robyn said...

yeah, i have never liked valentine's day. once i made my friend's cards with cut out letters that said, "i hate valentine's day but i love you."

plus i almost always have class on v-day. one year me and kea cooked dinner together though. that was kind of cool.

this year i was eye-ing the schwag at the borders though. i think i am getting more materialistic. or more into cute.