I decided part of what is making paper writing so difficult is that I haven't had a change in scenery. I spent my entire weekend either in my living room or in my room (the only other rooms left in my space that don't belong to my roommate are my bathroom and the kitchen). I can't handle the noise/children in the public library and was too lazy to trek down to school over the weekend. Today I decided to put in a couple hours on my paper at the Suzzallo reading room in our graduate library. I like to call it the Harry Potter room because it reminds me of Hogwarts. It definitely feels like a place where graduate students before me did a lot of thinking and coming up with brilliant ideas. I figured maybe that would rub off on me. Not sure that it did but at least the fact that you can hear a pin drop kept me quiet and still for a couple hours. I think I'm going to have to force myself to visit this place at least once a week for some quiet time. If only they could pump in some meditation music and light some candles in there and maybe add a fully stocked fridge. That would be perfect.


Anonymous said...

Suzzallo is pretty crazy. I don't think I'd ever get work done there. Too quiet is really distracting for me. But I hope it works for you!


Chapina said...

I wear headphones and listen to loud music to drown out the voices in my head. Sitting somewhere uncomfortable also helps keep me awake. But hours later Im paying for it. It also helps to forget to eat. grad school is fun I can't believe its going to end soon for me. Im thinking I might as well go on in school since Im not sure I can do much else any worse.