Spring Break

So the break between this quarter and Spring quarter is coming up and I'm thinking Vanessa needs a vacation. Either that or a good therapist or perhaps both. Was thinking to run around Manhatten but it's unseasonably cold right now and that's the last thing I need. Could make it a big snowboarding break but now that I live here I can go any time really. I think Hawaii is probably the furthest we can go without spending half the break on a plane. Definitely no more Mexico. After 4 visits there I need to really resist the cheap all-inclusive (read: drinking 24 hours a day and getting stupid drunk on the beach) and go somewhere else. Somehow we also have to fit in a big huge party for my friend Lieon who is finishing his internship here and going back to Duke to get that Phd. Hooray for Dr. Lieon.

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