So I don't trust people particularly baggage handlers. I also don't like to check in bags because it takes too long for it to get to the baggage claim. Oh and stuff gets stolen and lost. So I decided that I'm only bringing a carry-on suitcase and my backpack. Problem is that I have to haul all the Wii shit down there for Simon and since I also fear getting mugged I've decided it's all going in my carry on suitcase and not in a shopping bag. Right, so that means 90% of my luggage space goes to the Wii, games, and my laptop and I get 10% for clothes and stuff. Miraculously it all fit. Being short and, as a result, having smaller clothes made it all possible. So yeah, a thin layer of clothing on top of what you see in the photo is all I'm bringing. Don't be taking me anywhere fancy. I won't be dressed for it.


James said...

That's a cool wii bag

Sojourner said...

That's hilarious. At least you have your priorities in order!