Yesterday the people upstairs invited a herd of children to run up and down the fucking hallway while I tried to write a paper. I promptly went upstairs, opened the hallway door, and there they were all 5 of them (I think) staring at me. Each was no more than 4 1/2 years old. Realizing that you can't yell at kids that young and have them understand a thing I'm saying, I said in my most non-threatening voice "could I ask you guys not to run up here because it's very noisy downstairs." I went back to our apartment and the running ceased (probably because their parents heard me issue that warning...or I scared them back into their apartment). I was hoping it'd be older kids so I could yell a little bit because I like to do that. Y'know, yell at other people's children.

So now in an attempt to not completely lose my mind whilst writing, I have my candle burning and I'm listening to meditation music on shoutcast. Yes, meditation music. Laugh not. It's the only thing keeping me marginally sane. Thing is that I'm blasting this meditation music to drown out the rock music coming through the floor from downstairs. How fucked is that really? I hate my neighbors and I hate apartment living.

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