what a week

I turned in a draft of something that resembles a thesis today. Needless to say I'm brain dead. But tomorrow night I'm going to see the Canucks redeem themselves at the Shark tank. I'm designating myself driver so they had better win. I won't be able to drown my sorrows. I mean, dropping from 1st to not making it to play offs?? Okay, it's late, I'm tired, allergies are bugging me. I have nothing much else to say. Oh, except that I watched Wake Up, Ron Burgundy which is made up entirely of deleted scenes from Anchor Man. The plot is a little weak (obviously) but it's pretty twisted and definitely funny.

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Jay said...

You've got every right to be braindead after that. Phew.
I just bought AnchorMan for my husband, so I know I will have the "pleasure" of watching and rewatching it all weekend long!