Except for dinners out on Friday and Saturday night, I didn't go out this weekend. It was nice to get 11 and 9 hours of sleep because 8 just ain't cutting it lately. I really think I operate best on 10-11 hours of sleep. I spent Saturday morning on my thesis and then we hit the gym and ran some errands. With our ten percent off coupon, Simon managed to come home with two goodies from the As Seen on TV corner at Target - the The Magic Bullet and Smart Spin Stackable Containers. We'll see how these hold up. Right now our "set it and forget it" rotisserie has a broken hinge and our vaccuum sealer no longer vaccuums and seals.

That night our Entertainment Book coupons took us to Matsusono for all you can eat hot pot, grill, and sushi. The vent system was impressive. Unlike Hot Pot City, you don't come out of there smelling like your dinner and attracting all the neighbourhood's stray cats. They had prawns, sashimi, eel, huge oysters, kalbee, beef tongue, halo halo and all sorts of goodies. A very confused looking white couple came in and didn't eat anything except fruit for a good 20 minutes. I think they were waiting for someone to show them what the heck to do with the appliances on their table and a buffet of strange raw meats and seafoods. Unfortunately the people sitting in their line of sight was Simon and I and we happened to be sucking the brains out of about 20 prawn heads at the time. I'm sure that was more disgusting than helpful for them. After stuffing ourselves silly, we headed home, watched Cinderella Man, and then I spent the rest of the night on the can. Damn you Matsusono. If their restrooms were any indication, they probably need to tighten up on the sanitary issues there. Something was definitely not right and I shudder to think of what it might be that caused my "digestion problem."

Sunday we did a Top Chef marathon thanks to Tivo (could anyone be more in love with himself than Stephen the sommelier?) By afternoon I had recovered and we hit the gym again where I ran my 3.5 miles (42 minutes) which is a big deal for me being very much on the chunky side lately thanks to campus visits and too much restaurant eating. I totally could've done 4.5 but the place was closing. Next time. And now it's past my bedtime.


ceaz said...

Van - Tell me how the bullet works out for you. I've always thought about whether I should get one or not.

And.. I started hitting the gym too. I don't have a scale at home and I just realized that I gained 15 pounds since December. OUCH!!

Tashiwa said...

I love the Smart Spin containers. Surprisingly, they fit a lot. I gush about them atleast once a week, especially after portioning out leftovers and extra chopped veggies. It's very satisfying to not have to search for lids and to see all those little containers stacked nicely in the fridge - brings tears of joy to my eyes.


I'd like to know about the Magic Bullet too. I've been thinking about getting one, but need some reliable testimonial first!