my ghetto dinner

Last night was a Toastmasters night which means that I get home at 9:30 (or later if we go out for drinks afterwards) and Simon works late and goes out with friends for dinner. But since I'm chained to this stupid computer working on my thesis, no post Toasties drinking and eating for me. So I had THE most ghetto dinner ever. I just got back in town Sunday night so there are no groceries and I hate grocery shopping so I rummaged around for anything edible to eat before I headed to my meeting. And what I came up with was a can of Spaghettios. Okay, so it wasn't actually even Spaghettios. That would be too classy. It was more like Target generic brand cheesey tomato O-shaped pasta and the price was still on the can. Yup it was a little something I must've picked up from the bargain shelf to store for emergencies (like not having any food in the house) and the label read $0.47. I had a forty-seven cent dinner. Beat that!

I think Simon found that kind of pathetic so he came home tonight with pork tenderloin, salad, sharp cheddar, fresh sourdough, and wine. He's cookin' as I type this. Now the wine he got isn't any old wine. It's Manischewitz Wine. He didn't know what the hell it was but apparently it's Passover and there's all this Jewish stuff on sale at Safeway so he picked up a bottle. We got the one with Concord grapes and it is TASTY. Not only is it tastier than some fruity wine cooler, it has twice as much alcohol (11%). Hell yeah. Grape juice that gets you ripped for $3.50! I gotta stock up!


Ben said...

That's a classic line, hahahaha: "Grape juice that gets you ripped for $3.50!" Pass me the forty!

Eunice said...

That's hilarious. I suppose that classifies more as dinner than most things I tend to "throw" together when I don't feel like shopping.