We did the unusual and went out on a Friday and not Saturday. We were planning to go celebrate a friend's birthday on Friday but he never returned calls and was obviously hiding from the inevitable because he had gotten completely sloshed on Thursday too. Oh well. We were already on the road so we did a little Polk Street barhop starting at Vertigo, home of cheap drinks. That night it was 16 oz. mango or raspberry margaritas for $5. We also got a "volcano" that feeds 5 for $18.50. the middle part has a bit of 151 which is lit on fire to look... well you know. The highlight was my friend Will (already quite drunk) snorting the last bit of 151 into his right nostril with a straw. We headed to the much talked about Grubsteak for late night eats after hitting R Bar (frat boy bar from hell, a little piece of the Marina (eeeew) transplanted on Polk and a place I will never ever go to again because I got unholy flashbacks from high school where I was one of few English speaking ethnic minorities among 2000 arrogant, ignorant, narcissistic white kids) and Blur after that. Apparently Will was throwing up (through his mouth I hope) until 2pm the next day.

Yesterday was productive. Had lunch, worked on my thesis at the library while a jack rabbit outside the window sat and stared at me for over an hour, good work out at the gym and the whole hot tub steam room routine, friend over for dinner and a movie. We watched Chronicles of Narnia which I thought was dreadfully boring. Actually I fell asleep and not just because of the 4 glasses of Manischewitz Wine. Watching only the evil characters die (with absolutely no bloodshed because it's Disney) and the "good" characters repeatedly triumph over evil with nary a scratch was gross and annoying. And the ending where they all get crowned king and queen and have a bunch of talking animals bowing down to them was too much cheese for me to handle. Sorry for the spoiler but who fucking cares, it was such a lame movie. I don't know. Is this the kind of fantasy that goes through the minds of stupid kids?

Update: I didn't realize Will already posted a blog about Friday. His is better (though weirdly reads a lot like mine) and has photos of the now infamous 151 snorting. His memory of the evening is blurry though. I did not dare Simon to drink the middle of the volcano. That would mean consequences for me, like carrying him upstairs. I'm sure one of us dared Shannph or Will and Will being Will took the offer.


whatupwilly said...

To clarify - I was not throwing up until 2 pm. I threw up AT 2 pm. Oatmeal. And Coffee. And 2 bottles of gatorade.

Van said...

ok you know it's bad when it doesn't make its way out of your body until 12 hours later. It was just a brewin' in there.