May 9th

That's the day I need to defend my thesis. I learned that defence is spelled defense in America. I'm having a really hard time writing today. I've eaten half a Cadbury Bar and had two cups of instant coffee (those International Coffees from a tin...my coffee maker is stored away somewhere due to lack of use but I am longing for it now). There are a few things that would make this next month a lot easier for me:

1. personal assistant to do laundry, cook, and clean
2. not requiring a minimum of 9 hours sleep (any less and I can't navigate my apartment without walking into walls)
3. not having to work (tutoring is really draining, especially with students under age 12)
4. having lots and lots of Ritalin readily available over the counter and free (for me, not my students... okay maybe for them too)

I read an article that more and more kids are diagnosed as ADHD simply because kids don't get enough exercise so they're all pent up and can't concentrate. The article said that some kids are getting off their meds by incorporating more exercise into their lives which helps them focus. Seems to make sense. I did really well in school as a child probably because I spent all my off hours scaling large trees, jumping off my sundeck (and almost breaking my arm), and generally running all over the damn neighbourhood until I was a big sweaty mess. Since I don't have a ready supply of Ritalin to help me get this fucking thesis written any faster, I decided to submit to the torture that is cardio kickboxing led by an instructor who is really genuinely fit (and not just fit to stand there and call out instructions.) Now my ass hurts, my abs hurt, and my arms hurt, and I STILL can't concentrate. What the hell is going on here.


Chapina said...

yeah I know. I try to trick my non-boyfriend to do my laundry and sometimes I can get him to mop my floors (cause damn I do so much for him...)
And I may be able to hook you up with a pusherman (or woman) if it gets serious.
I've been sick with Pnemonia for the past 3 weeks. I went to conference in Puerto Rico that way, popping dayquil every 4-6 hours cause I wasnt gonna be sick in PR. By the way my panel went great and I met and networked with some really cool people. It was really inspiring. I recommed tempting yourself with something nice (besides graduating) to finish. You already got into graduate school so it doesnt have to be that great...(but I know you like to do your best...)okay. Back to work for me.

Chapina said...

ummm by the way. I want to be you when I grow up (except also making documentaries plus being a caped crusader.) Your cv is very inspiring. I've needed to update mine for a long time...

Van said...

MAYA!! I can't believe you had pneumonia. I'm glad that you survived the conference and got a lot out of it. Those things are fun. I hear if you hang out late enough, you get to see big kids (the tenured prof types) hook up like teenagers. Rewarding myself is a great idea! I think finding the time to eBay some of my crap and get some cash out of it would be reward enough. btw, I added your blog link to mine.